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Cyberess is based on the recognized quality and sophistication of Israeli cyber know-how, combined with a deep understanding of today’s challenges. We believe that mutually assessing your current cybersecurity status and needs is paramount for implementing a real world, cost efficient solution.

Established in 2016 to address the growing cyber security requirements of banks, corporations and government agencies in an increasingly hostile cyber environment, Cyberess is a cyber security services company headquartered in Tel Aviv and operating globally through our representatives and partners.

Our team - highly skilled cyber security experts coming from different backgrounds in the Israeli cyber security ecosystem, including the military. Each of our team members brings with her/him extensive training and wide-ranging experience in their respective fields.

Our team members have been awarded the MVP title several years running in several “Hall of Fame” groups like Netflix, Microsoft, Net gear and other sites due to their contribution to the cyber security and bug bounty communities. Our offensive security specialists hold sundry cyber-security certifications.

Michael Tsur Esq.


An expert in negotiation, with a career in conflict resolution, crisis management and mediation, Michael Tzur has been a part of the Israeli Defense Force Hostage negotiation team for over two decades.
He founded Cyberess in 2016 to address the growing need for cybersecurity solutions in the corporate world.
Michael is the Founder of the first program for training negotiation as a profession.

Tal Kimmel

Chairman US Advisory Board

Tal is an experienced investor with a broad transactional experience spanning industries, sectors, and geographies. A graduate with honors of New York University’s Stern School of Business MBA, Tal is the founder and Managing Partner of the Israel Opportunity Fund, a private equity fund based in New York focusing on buyout and venture transactions. His experience in the hi-tech sector is extensive, with leadership roles as an investor, advisor and board member in companies and investment funds.

Ruvik Leshem

General Manager

Ruvik has ample experience in the corporate space as a CEO and GM in turnaround situations. A Bujinkan Black belt holder and a long-distance runner, Ruvik first developed his career in the Israeli Navy as a corvette and submarine commander and XO.

Rotem Bar

OT, Scada

Focused in communication, software and cybersecurity for the past 21 years, providing design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation services, Rotem has been a SCADA (ICS) expert for the past 14 years, developing SCADA (HMI), PLC, RTU, embedded Realtime, and advanced servers (WS/Web/SQL) for oil, water, waste-water, gas and power companies. Together with his deep IT background, this provides Rotem with the tools and a unique perception of both SCADA and IT worlds.Rotem is a member of Israel’s state SCADA regulatory comity.

Dan Sharvit

Offensive, R&D

A diligent cybersecurity expert, with over 6 years’ experience leading Red teams & Pen-test teams in high-end projects globally for government agencies and private sector entities, including Fortune 500 financial institutions, food processors and technology companies. Previously an information technology consultant to the Norwegian Army, Dan holds CCNA / OSCP/ MCS certificates, applying special technologies to improve the outcomes for customers. and among his industry awards we note Netgear — Hall of fame, Netflix — Hall of fame, and Most valuable player 2017, Bugcrowd Inc.

Bespoke Solutions

Based on the depth and breadth of our experienced analysts and our lean organization, our core offering is the analytical capacity and varied experience of our analysts to assess in a cost effective manner your current IT & OT cyber security status and recommend possible solutions and improvements that will involve all or in part a combination of software, hardware , training and staffing.

We are familiar and work closely with a number of software companies that have developed any number of brilliant programs that we are certain can add value to your cyber security stance. However, in an environment of constantly evolving cyber threats. we do not believe there exists a “one size fits all” software in a static approach that could correctly address all your cyber security requirements.

Our approach is based on combining multi-layered solutions anchored on a core suite of analytical services, complemented by specific software and training alternatives tailored to your needs.

Our Process

Evaluation by Penetration

  • Applying our extensive, hard earned analytical skills
  • Assessing your situation by penetration testing
  • Discovering your real vulnerabilities, not just ticking the box

Multi-layered Intervention

  • Tailoring a multi-layered cost effective solution, based on your situation, limitations and constraints
  • Hardening your defenses by integration of proven Israeli cyber solutions
  • Retesting of vulnerabilities after implementation of solution

Long term, Operation and Education

  • Advanced cyber security operations center (CSOC) service
  • Personal training
  • Enhance organizational awareness

Our Core Services

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Attack on preset goals, exploiting all vulnerabilities
  • Targeted in-house Intelligence gathering
  • Use of advanced techniques to create sophisticated exploitation
  • Advanced social manipulation hacking techniques to test organizational awareness
  • Phishing, Spear-Phishing, Phone Phishing campaigns
  • Applications, infrastructure and networks testing

OT/SCADA vulnerability assessment

  • Israeli radical proactive approach for securing critical systems:
  1. IDENT - identifying Your Crown Jewels - The criticalfunctions or processes whose failure would threaten your company very survival
  2. ILLUMINATE - Map the Digital Terrain and the most Likely Attack Paths - The digital pathways to exploited your "must not fail" processes, the attackers’ most likely paths
  3. MITIGATE - Generate Options for Mitigation andProtection - prioritize and create your defensive solutions
  • An OT cybersecurity platform provides new visibility into your digital terrain, hardening your defenses.

Hardware & Software Defense Solution Integration

  • What you want. What you need. What you can afford.
  • Our comprehensive project management-to-integration approachis cost effective. Moving from operational needs and setting goals to a fully integrated solution
  • Based in the heart of the Israeli startup scene, we bring the best in class, battle proven, Israeli cyber solutions

Breach analysis and Response

  • Incident Response
  • Code Review and Sanitation
  • Compromise Assessment
  • Full Forensics Analysis

SOC Solutions

  • Security Operations Center
  • Planning and setup of an advanced cyber SOC
  • Review of existing SOC procedures, workflows, and methodologies
  • Recruitment and training of SOC analysts in different tiers
  • Reactive, proactive, and predictive security
  • Security Information Event Management
  • implementation of SIEM solutions from the leading vendors
  • Fine tuning of existing solutions to provide true added value
  • Risk based, use case approach to SIEM

Training programs

  • B2B training
  • Beginner to expert
  • On premises or remote location
  • Lessons learnt from the realworld
  • Available courses
  • Offensive/Defensive teams’ training
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Cyber Intelligence Analyst
  • Cyber Information Analyst
  • Social Network Intelligence Analyst
  • Bespoke courses according to a customer’sspecific requirements

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